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Faith Powered Profession was born from the realization that many women were looking for some guidance as to how to pursue excellence in the workplace while still remaining true to their faith. I explore these topics and share about the importance of our work from a Biblical perspective, suggest some ways to approach challenging situations at work, and encourage women to integrate their faith into all aspects of their lives, including their jobs.


I originally started Elizabeth Knox Online as a blog to encourage and equip women where faith and work intersect. There are so many things to discuss: How do we figure out our calling? How do we balance work, personal, and spiritual commitments? How do we recover when something we do at work doesn’t reflect who we really are? We need to figure out how to navigate the waters of being an excellent worker and being true to our faith, and at the same time understand that these things are not mutually exclusive.

ABOUT Elizabeth

Elizabeth Knox is the founder of MatchPace, working with organizations to help them work hard and live well, and the author of Faith Powered Profession, which empowers women to live our their faith and values in the workplace. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and four young children.