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Prepare to be amazed...

Sistine Chapel - pic from Borsheim Arts

My boss sent me this link -  the Vatican has done a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel (Cappella Sistina). Faculty and students from Villanova University spent two years creating this experience.

The Sistine Chapel was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV in 1475. It was designed to be - and still is - the pope's chapel and the site of papal elections. The history behind it is amazing. A fun fact: did you know Michelangelo didn't want to paint it? He preferred sculpting. But many credit his expertise as a sculptor as the secret behind his ability to paint the human body in such detail.

Stop and explore the Sistine Chapel...

There are too many details to view on an iPhone, look at it on a full computer screen. Drag your mouse left or right to see different paintings. Use the controls in the bottom left corner to zoom in or out. You can turn on the music on or off there too. 

"Without having seen the Sistine Chapel one can form no appreciable idea of what one man is capable of achieving."
Johann Wolfgang Goethe, 23 August 1787

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