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I was honored to meet Diane Paddison about 18 months ago at a book signing for Work, Love, Pray. At that time, I told her that we shared a passion for professional Christian women. She encouraged me to stay in touch, and when the time came this past spring to solicit endorsements for my book - I asked Diane if she would be willing to read it and consider endorsing it.

Diane called me a few weeks later and shared that she'd always believed there would be 3 sequels to her book - one on work, one one love, and one on prayer. She said that my book was the "work-book" and not only would she endorse my book, but she would welcome me into 4word family, with Faith Powered Profession as the first sequel to Work, Love, Pray.

She introduced me and Faith Powered Profession to the 4word community via a Google Hangout!

4wordwomen.org is dedicated to connecting, leading, and supporting professional Christian women to achieve their God-given potential. Diane blogs weekly about a range of issues - you can see her posts on Mondays. On Wednesdays they interview professional Christian women and highlight how they are serving God and their community - they've highlighted such a range of women! They also provide a very, very comprehensive list of resources for Christians in the marketplace.


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