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Last week my family and I took two mini-vacations. We spent 3 days in the Shenandoah Mountains and 3 days in the Pocono Mountains where I grew up.

It was great to rest a little - naps all around!

And to sit outside and enjoy nature - stars, lightening bugs, and cicadas!

Butterflies on Skyline Drive

Butterflies on Skyline Drive

It’s hard to go on vacation – it takes time and I know not everyone gets paid vacation. Vacations require resources - while you can do them on-the-cheap, it still generally costs some money. You usually have to do a lot of prep at work to be able to leave both work and your house, and you know you’ll find your inbox and laundry basket overflowing when you return.

But it’s worth it:

  • Vacations break the cycle of stress: give yourself a hiatus from deadlines
  • Give yourself a chance to experience something different – look at new things, and use “new eyes” to look at familiar things
  • Vacations give you an opportunity to re-charge spiritually. Read an old classic, or a new classic.

We recharged a little, got to visit with my family, and ate a reasonable dose of junk food at our county fair!


Pig Races at the Wayne County Fair

Pig Races at the Wayne County Fair



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