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I wanted to take a minute to recognize the people who contributed to Faith Powered Profession.


There is no way to thank everyone who is involved in turning an idea into reality. Ink on paper cannot begin to express my gratitude to all who helped create this book! I’d like to thank the following people for their unique contributions:

• Rebecca Gilmore—my project manager. She has been a treasure! She kept me on track, broadened my perspective, and clarified my thoughts. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

• Gayle Jacobs—my partner in crime. She gave me the courage to start this book and her insight into these issues and raucous laughter kept me going!

• Jo Kadlecek—an established and successful author and my content editor. She provided the in-depth refinement I needed to finish this book. I’m so honored you came alongside me!

• Members of the Women-in-the-World Bible Studies— from the fall of 2009 and beyond. These women have been a source of knowledge and provided context around these topics. I’m especially grateful to Siri Buller, Megan Nykyforchyn-Clark, Liz Oxhorn and Angelyn Shapiro for their co-leadership and encouragement! Special thanks to Angelyn for her editing expertise!

• Meg Biallas, Molly Gill, Josie Lynne Lenny, Nathan Magnuson, and Nicole Wirth—my peer-reviewers. Their eyes and comments provided just the input I needed!

• Mom (Kathy Schloesser), Dad (Warren Schloesser), Jen Koschmann, Julie Rutledge, Allison Davey, and Peggy Knox. These are my solid, steady, always-there-for-me people without whom I would be adrift.

• Mark Russell—CEO of Russell Media. Thank you for investing in me and this book!

• Bobby Kuber and the team at Russell Media—they have been great guides through the publishing process!

• Diane Paddison, Betsy Gray, Amanda Battaglia and the team at 4word Women. They have provided encouragement, coaching and partnership. I’m excited to be part of the ice-breaker with you!

• The Leadership at National Community Church— especially Mark Batterson, Maegan Hawley, Andy Pisciotti, Heather Zempel, and Ryan Zempel. They are a gift to our church family, making it possible for each of us to serve God with our unique skills.

•The amazing people who generously shared their stories and insight. They helped refine my thought processes, and helped me grow as a woman and an author—thank you!

• Andy Knox—my husband. I can’t begin to put words around how much support he has provided. His time, support, and encouragement were never-ending and priceless. I’m so glad I married you!

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