More than just a cool video - Faith and Work Conference in Dallas

A few weeks ago I showed you this video about the Right Now Work as Worship Conference. Isn't that cool? This past Thursday we got to hear speakers from around the country and meet conference attendees, some of whom came from around the world!

My favorite part was a breakout session called "Why God Calls us into the Marketplace." It was facilitated by Mark Russell - the author of several books at the intersection of business and ministry. He led a discussion between Bill Peel - the Executive Director for the Center for Faith and Work at LeTourneau University and Michael Craven - President of the Center for Christ and Culture. It was a great perspective on the intrinsic value of the work we do.

A lot of the conference highlighted "business as mission" and the instrumental value of the work we do: how it allows us to be a presence for God in the workplace, or how we can use the money we earn to support Godly goals. This breakout session focused on the fact that business does a genuine good, in-and-of-itself. They said the gospel is greater than salvation, evangelism is greater than an event, and mission is greater than ministry.  Awesome insight.

We also heard from several other great speakers:

  • Matt Chandler reminded us not to "live vicariously through someone else's faith." He cited it as a common problem in the information age when "everyone's revelations are available online, you don't have to go into the Word yourself."
  • Norm Miller who said "life is about the maximum utility of assets" and we want to maximize the assets God gave us, for His purposes.
  • JR Vassar who addressed the common concern of "maybe I should go into full time ministry?" by saying "don't do something different [go into ministry] - but do what you're doing differently [do your job with purpose and passion and as a form of worship]."

Plus, we just enjoyed being in Texas! Good food and good friends!