Interview: Brenda Bertrand on Mentoring

Brenda Bertand and I had a conversation on Skype about mentoring, I recorded our talk so I could share it with you, that way I'm not the only one who benefits from her wisdom! Our conversation was 20 minutes long, which someone just told me is "forever" in YouTube time :)

I broke the interview up so that each of our topics is its own video. Take a look.

Introduction - learn about Brenda!

What Brenda has found unique about the different people who have mentored her:

Then importance of "really listening" to the people you mentor, and who mentor you:

How to go about finding a mentor:

How to transition from being mentored to mentoring:

Brenda talks about growing up in the USVI:

Brenda mentions a few people who have been great mentors to her: Dave  Buehring of Lionshare and Dr. Tim Elmore of Growing Leaders

Thanks Brenda - for your time and wisdom!