Imperfect Mirrors

When we examine our hearts in the light of Scripture, our lives begin to change. In 2 Corinthians 3:18, the Apostle Paul reminds us of the good news that “we are being transformed into his image.” We are mirrors of God to the world around us; it is our privilege to reflect Him to others.

250px-Větruše,_zrcadlové_bludištěEarlier today I went to my neighborhood pool. In the locker room they have those Plexiglas mirrors where you can’t quite see yourself, and when you do see yourself, it’s not quite you. We’ve all seen ourselves in funhouse mirrors where we become distorted. Likewise, the imperfections in us distort the image of God that people see when they look at us. We’ll never be able to clean off every spot with a squirt of glass cleaner and good behavior. But that’s not the point. Cleaning ourselves up so we look better to others will only exhaust us. We need to invite and allow God to clean up our imperfections so that we may reflect Him better. That’s our goal. We need to bring our distorted mirrors to Him, and let Him use his “holy” glass cleaner to remove all our blemishes.

Usually God cleans up our mirrors by first showing us where the spots and distortions are and then by helping us acknowledge them. There are the big ones – like an affair or embezzlement. But then there are the smaller areas where we are prone not to mirror Christ and maybe not even notice it. Generally, people agree that having an affair is bad, but telling white lies is something people rarely think twice about. Or we may say we think gossip is bad, but we do it anyway. Gossip, dishonesty, complaining – all are distortions in our mirror that make us a poor reflection of Christ.

ps - I can't think about glass cleaner without thinking of My Big Fat Greek Wedding - "just put some windex on it!" (okay - now go back to reflecting on the seriousness of the post!)