Getting Back in the Saddle

Hello! Sorry about that gap in posts! We’ve had lots of things happening here in the Knox Camp. This picture sums it up:


Over the past year, my husband and I have been “going net zero.” It’s a long, long story that I will let Andy tell, but we’ve done everything from changing our light bulbs and adding insulation, to watching as drillers put 180-foot-deep holes in our small DC yard for a Ground Source Heat Pump, and installers put 9.7KW of solar power on our roof. It’s been a big project (as most home improvement projects are) but we’re almost finished. When all is said-and-done we should be net-zero: producing as much energy as we consume.

And in addition to that, over the last 9 months I was cooking a little person inside me. Everett joined us in the second half of October. We’re all getting to know each other, and we’re even starting to sleep a little!

So that explains my long absence. But I’m getting back in the saddle with writing – keep your eye on the blog for more posts!

Here’s one more picture of him from the other day, when he was being particularly charming: