Big News: I just signed a book contract!

I just signed a contract with Russell Media to publish my book! Long story short: I've been working on a book for the last year and a half. It sprang from an inspired idea at a stop-light, turned into a small-group Bible Study at my church, and will now be released in book form in early 2013.

The working title is Women in the World and the book is for professional Christian women - it's to help us realize the value of the work we do. It's to help us learn how to live out our faith in our entire lives, not just in church or small group.

It's an honor to have this opportunity. I'm also thrilled that the book is being published while printed books still exist! I'll get to see my name on a jacket! :)

I'd love your help! Here are some things you could do:

  • Tell other people! Forward this blog to women you think would be interested in it and benefit from it!
  • Pray for the women who will read this book. The Barna group says that 27% of professional women leave the church. I'm writing this book for women to feel encouraged in their faith and their work and to know that their work matters to God.
  • Send me any articles, thoughts or contacts you think would pertain to this issue. I'm still researching, interviewing and completing my thoughts. elizabeth [at] elizabethknoxonline [dot] com
  • Pray for me. This is a big challenge, and I want to make sure I do it well!

Thank you’s The list of people I need to thank is loooong. So many of you have encouraged me, prayed for me, been excited for me, given me needed advice and insight.

Some specific people I need to thank over-and-over include: Rebecca Gilmore, Gayle Jacobs, Angelyn Shapiro for each sharing your unique gifts with me through this process. Thank you to my morning (and one evening) Bible Study groups who’ve provided encouragement and stories for this writing. Thank you to all the women (and a couple of men!) who have shared your experiences with me through interviews. Thank you to my husband, Andy, who has been continual support and encouragement and has helped me make writing a priority. Thank you to Russell Media for taking this chance on me!

About Russell Media Russell Media Services provide all of the necessary tools for a successful communications and transmedia publishing strategy for a cause organization. Many of their books such as Our Souls at Work, Left Right & Christ, and Wisdom and Wonder are right in the Faith/Life niche. Definitely check them out!


Soli deo gloria, Elizabeth


It is not right for the Church to acquiesce in the notion that a man's life is divided into the time he spends on his work and the time he spends in serving God. He must be able to serve God in his work, and the work itself must be accepted and respected as the medium of divine creation."

Dorothy Sayers from "Why Work?"